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111. Having A Millionaire Plan w/ Tony Bradshaw

May 30, 2022 Happy Camper Capital Season 2 Episode 21
Wealth Watchers Podcast
111. Having A Millionaire Plan w/ Tony Bradshaw
Show Notes

Wealth has a Purpose ... Enjoy Life. Help Others.  The more money you have, the more good you can do. But most people continue to mismanage money and do not make their millionaire choice. Tony's goal is to fundamentally change everything.

Tony Bradshaw: "Success to me isn't a large company and a large net worth. Those are just tools for the real vision and goal. I want to change the financial statistics. My teaching, products, podcast...everything is designed and created with the mindset of helping everyone we can to make the millionaire choice and create their millionaire plan. We're battling poverty by providing financial hope, education, and inspiration. In one word, Abundance." -

In this episode, Tony is trying to help by explaining the financial vision of abundance to those who don't have a financial vision.

To follow and learn more on the topic, you can visit his website, here. You can also listen to his podcast episodes here.

Furthermore, if you are interested in getting a copy of his book "The Millionaire Choice", you can get the details at this link.

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