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109. Focus on Relationships to Find More Deals w/ George Roberts

May 23, 2022 Happy Camper Capital Season 2 Episode 19
Wealth Watchers Podcast
109. Focus on Relationships to Find More Deals w/ George Roberts
Show Notes

You will never reach your full potential ... If you go it alone, you will work much harder and for far fewer results than if you figure out how to leverage the effort and cooperation of others.

Listen to this episode in which George Roberts is explaining why having a strong network is very important in whatever you do.

George Roberts: Building a network is hard! Everything from finding a deal to raising capital requires having a solid network. I just joined a deal that was 5 years in the making. One of my amazing Horizon Multifamily partners forged a relationship with the property manager/handyman of the complex, we were to buy 5 years ago. He followed up twice and got an incoming call after the second "no" saying that the owner was ready to "deal".

I have had much success by proceeding through a multichannel approach.  I have built multiple real estate communities, a podcast, a weekly Zoom, an in-person meetup, LinkedIn, etc. Through building multiple communities and providing value everywhere I go, I have built an amazing network!

Suggestions for the listeners: Start with a single channel to build up your brand, for example, YouTube or a podcast. Stick with whatever you do before you even consider changing your focus. Dividends will come your way.

To learn more from George, you can visit his website, here. You can also follow his Podcast and YouTube at the links below:

Podcast: https://lnkd.in/dKDUYSwm
YouTube: https://lnkd.in/dS9c7pMw

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