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108. Real Estate Will Set You Free w/ Kyle Stephenson

May 20, 2022 Happy Camper Capital Season 2 Episode 18
Wealth Watchers Podcast
108. Real Estate Will Set You Free w/ Kyle Stephenson
Show Notes

Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have no plans for retirement. While some can rely on their family, not all can do that.

Lack of personal finance awareness and not living below their means is holding back many Americans. Most people are not able to help themselves and their loved ones create generational wealth. Many Americans find themselves unable to retire comfortably due to a lack of personal finance awareness and the discipline to live below their means.

Listen to this great episode in which Kyle Stephenson tries to help people with his experience.

Kyle thinks that there are two ways to approach the subject matter: 
1- You need to start by having a healthy discipline in personal finance and living below your means. 
2- You should start investing in real estate. He truly believes that real estate is the best investment in the world if you follow the plan! Real Estate allows you to leverage yourself and create disproportionate wealth. He shared that many of his clients are able to retire comfortably by investing at the right time in real estate and can now enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Kyle is asking people to educate themselves and use those lessons to set themselves up for success. Learn from all points of view on topics that interest you. For example, people may try to predict the real estate market for the next few years. Some might predict that it would go up, while others predict that it would go down. It’s incredibly important to know but also understand why they believe what they believe. Real Estate is a very cyclical industry, but what makes the winners the winners is that they are able to understand the changes in the industry and adapt to make the best of them.

You can visit Kyle's website, to learn more from him.

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