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105. Scaling Towards Financial Freedom w/ Logan Rankin

May 09, 2022 Happy Camper Capital Season 2 Episode 15
Wealth Watchers Podcast
105. Scaling Towards Financial Freedom w/ Logan Rankin
Show Notes

Most individuals in the US are not on track to retire, even by 65-67. Social Security funds will not exist in the long term and individuals will spend their entire life losing money (due to inflation) rather than keeping their hard-earned wages.

Individuals should look for different paths in life that will allow them to allocate time toward leaving a lasting legacy. Going beyond traditional investment paths and through real estate, they can be able to achieve financial freedom.

In this episode, Logan Rankin is explaining how you can scale towards financial freedom through real estate.

Financial freedom can allow individuals to live their dreams (i.e. more time with family, travel, etc...). What matters the most is their preparedness for the consequences of that decision and their willingness to go through any perceived or actual hardship once they get on this path.

You can learn more from him by visiting his website, here. You can also grab a copy of his ebook that will be out on May 10, 2022, in which he has explained his steps to success. Our listeners can get a copy of his ebook "Find Your Financial Freedom" at this link at a very special discounted price of just 0.99 cents. 

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